Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Family

On this auspicious occasion of my marriage on 12th Feb 2012, I wanted to introduce you my family ‘Sadhana Vidyalaya’. Sadhana Vidyalaya is a school for rural children modeled on Gurukula system. It has around 480 children who are full of enthusiasm, unbound joy, freedom and expression. It has been my endeavour to strengthen my family by supporting it in all ways i can and i would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit my family and be a part of this family.

Sadhana Vidyalaya:

Sadhana Vidyalaya provides free mid-day meal, subsidized Tuition Fees and transport to its children. The school is still growing at a steady pace. To fulfill the vision of creating strong and radiant children anchored upon spiritual value systems, Sadhana Vidyalaya not only needs to expand its facilities and resources but also has to sustain itself on a continued basis. You can find more information of the school here:

What is the challenge?

In times of eroding value system in family and society, it is imperative that we restore them as quickly as possible. One of the ways that this can be achieved is by catching young minds – the children. Since children in the rural areas do not get quality education as compared to children living in cities and metros we decided to cater in this area and started Sadhana Vidyalaya. Our aim is to make the children studying in Sadhana Vidyalaya fully equipped to handle different challenges in life as they grow up without compromising on character and values. 

Potential Long Term Impact

The rural children undergo an all round development of personality and develop into confident young men and women. They will be able to compete with urban children for admission into colleges for higher studies and also compete for jobs

On the occasion of my marriage, my entire family is Jubilant. As you know, it is needless to mention that i will be happy if my family is healthy. I am sure that you will add up to my joy and happiness by supporting my family in whatever way you can. I thank you from my heart for extending solidarity and support by becoming a member of my family.

V.S. Murlidher & family (Sadhana Vidyalaya)

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Activities

Sadhana Vidyalaya:

The school for rural children with a holistic vision, is the project Sadhana Sangama Trust is actively supporting. Sadhana Vidyalaya is a long cherished dream of Sadhana Sangama Trust. An unwavering thirst to serve humanity through Holistic education took the shape of a school inspired by the rich and profound cultural heritage of ancient Indian civilization. Sadhana Vidyalaya is envisioned to be a residential school that provides quality education based on holistic values.

Sadhana Vidyalaya aims to integrate and achieve synergy between the ancient Gurukula pattern of education and modern systems of education. This vision of Sadhana Vidyalaya is being realized through a three dimensional approach to comprehensive education.

Ennobling the child’s personality:

A child’s journey begins with cultivating value systems that would become the nucleus of their personality. At Sadhana Vidyalaya, the focus is on evolving an integrated holistic personality out of every child founded upon universal spiritual values. Seeds of holistic personality are sown in the bosom of the children by nurturing various dimensions of their personality through yoga, meditation, dance, music, art, learn by play and community service, all as an integral aspect of their education.


Sadhana Vidyalaya recognizes the unique and amazing ways in which a child can learn from the environment. Housed within the holistic living campus nestled amidst lush green valley in the back drop of Kanva reservoir, Sadhana Vidyalaya provides a wonderful environment for unfolding the infinite energy and potential embodied in every child. Love, compassion and care are the ways rather than fear and punishment.


Through modern education, the child is empowered to face the challenges of modern life skillfully. With academic excellence founded upon holistic values, every child becomes an integrated harmonious human being.

Sadhana Vidyalaya - FACTS

Sadhana Vidyalaya made a humble beginning in 2005 as a day school for the benefit of rural children. The school is located within the holistic living ashram ‘Sadhana Dhama’, 60kms from Bangalore on Bangalore-Mysore highway. The school caters to the children in nearby villages and the two towns Channapatna and Ramanagaram. The school has gained good reputation and a warm welcome in these areas.

Sadhana Vidyalaya: PRESENT STATUS

Classes: Kindergarten to 8th Standard
No. of Students: 480
No. of Teachers: 14
No. of Buses : 5


Computer lab
Dining hall
Steam cooking system
Multipurpose hall
Hostel for students and teachers
Free Mid Day Meal to School Children

You can support us in any one of the following ways:

    Sponsor the tuition fee of a child for one year:
    – ‘Prajna’ : Rs.7,000/-

    Sponsor the mid-day meal expenses of the school for a month:
    – ‘Annabrahma’ : Rs.20,000/-

    Contribute to the building fund and be a patron of the school:
    – ‘Vishwakarma’ : Rs.15,000 & above

    – Offer any amount as donation to support our activities and projects:

You can give cheque / DD favouring "sadhanasangamatrust". Donations to Sadhana Vidyalaya are tax exempt under section 80G.

Official Address:

Sadhana Sangama Trust,
No.48, Near OM Shakthi Temple,
8th Cross, 3rd Main Road,
1st Phase, BEML Layout,
Basaveshwara Nagar
Bangalore - 560079

My Inspiration - http://www.sadhanasangamainternational.org/inspiration.php